Hi all!

Unfortunately due to the current government measures we can’t open the cafe we’ve been building for you in the Lee Towers.

On the other hand, we do want to start and give you a taste of what we have in store for you with our menu. During the current lockdown we will open as a take-away / delivery service. You can order a few of the items we want to have on our final menu through the order button on this website. We can deliver the food to your place or you can come collect it at our bar. This way we can finally meet each other and you can finally see if you like what we’re cooking up! 

We would love to welcome you over for a drink, bite, game and more, just as soon as there will be less restrictions, and restaurants and bars can open again. We’re calling De Wasserette a ‘Community Café’. It will be a place for you, your friends and tenants to come together and have a good time. Expect a jam-packed programme full of events. Food, drinks, comedy nights, music shows and the occasional board game tournament.

We hope we can open ASAP so you can enjoy everything we have in store for you! Stay safe.


food for the community

We serve delicious burgershot dogs, fresh pizza made of thick puffy dough, specials and snacks made with love.
Beside great food, we are also passionate about fun and games. So check sides to rent-a-game! And have the full experience (for now).

Galvanistraat 1089
3029 AD Rotterdam

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